Wood Garage Doors

Our real wood garage doors possess an unmatched level of refinement and luxury. The craftsmanship in each of our doors brings the perfect balance of rustic artistry and durable construction to elevate your curb appeal to a whole new level.

Built to complement a wide range of homes, Wayne Dalton wood garage doors come in an array of designs. We offer a wide variety of styles, colors, and wood species, with even more custom options available for your home and budget.

Why choose a wood garage door

Wood garage doors are a great way to add warmth and natural beauty to your home. Our shiplap panels help ensure harsh weather elements stay out to maintain the look and build of your garage door for years to come.

  • Exudes style and durability, making them ideal for many types of homes
  • Easy to personalize and customize
  • Set your home apart from others in the neighborhood
  • Fit any garage size or shape


With our keen attention to detail and technical know-how, we will help you find the best garage door. Our Wayne Dalton wood garage doors can be customized to suit your needs and design preferences. To get a better look at the possible design options for your garage door, check out our online Garage Door Design Center.



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